2010 Annual Reports Posted Online

At the end of each year, pastors are required to complete forms which tell about the church’s ministry during the past year and about their own ministry. The forms for 2010 will be mailed in January. However, right now they can be downloaded from the UB website.

The reports can be downloaded as Word files (which you can fill in on your computer and email back), or as PDF files (which you can fill in by hand). There are five documents:

  1. 2010 Minister’s Reports
  2. 2010 Unassigned Minister’s reported
  3. 2010 Local Church Report
  4. 2010 Women’s Ministry Report
  5. Instruction Sheet

The Unassigned Minister’s Report and the Women’s Ministry Report can both be filled out online.

All reports are due to the Bishop’s office February 15, 2011.

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