State of Emergency in Parts of Jamaica

Owen Gordon (right), president of Jamaica Bible College, as well as pastor of a United Brethren church, sent this note regarding the recent unrest in Jamaica.

Since Sunday the government has declared a state of emergency in Kingston and St Andrew. This has been brought on by the stand-off between specific communities in West Kingston and the police force. Subsequent governments have endeared themselves to “so-called community Dons.” Many have warned our leaders of this danger, but because of the blindness of our leaders and their desire to remain in power, there has developed a dangerous reciprocal relationship with these dubious persons, which has led to this present state.

I am making this special appeal to all of God’s people to join us in special prayer for the law enforcement officers, who at the risk of their own lives are attempting to prevent Jamaica from being taken over by lawless persons. At present, the situation is mainly confined to Kingston and some parts of Spanish Town. In our area and most of the rest of Jamaica, things are pretty calm, with people going about their normal business.

Many are seeing this as a unique opportunity for truth and justice to prevail and for our leadership to turn to God and turn this country around. I ask you to bear us up in your prayers! Let us stand in the gap!  God is Able!

The forces of darkness will not prevail! We are believing God that before this week is over, things will return to peace and calmness across our land!

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