Shoreline Completes Phase 1 Building Addition

Senior Pastor Steve Fish takes a video tour of the new facility.

On Sunday, May 16, Shoreline Church (Oak Harbor, Ohio) celebrated the completion of Phase 1 of their building addition. The project lasted 18 months and included both new construction and renovations.

  • They constructed a 10-foot-wide hallway that wraps around their geodesic dome, and ends with a 22-by-24-foot classroom. The hallway’s interior wall was formerly the building’s exterior wall.
  • A kitchenette was part of renovating the original structure. They opened up what used to be a bottle-necked foyer space to include the kitchenette.
  • They re-worked the children’s area with a new wall (backside of kitchenette), new cabinets, and new paint.
  • They re-carpeted all the hallway spaces in the building and added a few closets.
  • They erected a very impressive new sign. Shoreline was previously called Oak Harbor UB church, thus the need for a new sign.

The sign was raised by volunteers. Says senior pastor Pastor Fish, “The day it went up, I proudly parked my 2000 Malibu smack dab in the middle of five full-sized pickup trucks with long trailers and heavy equipment riding on each. These country guys really have the equipment sitting around. Our digital sign shut down for the first time in six months during Sunday’s celebration. I just had to smile. We are working on getting it up and running again.”

All of these changes have taken place since September 2008. The total cost was just under $72,000.

“We scooped the first backhoe of dirt the day the stock market took its initial 500-point slide,” says Pastor Fish. “Despite this economic recession, we are so thankful to report that all of our facility improvements are fully paid for through the generosity and hard work of this people of God in Ottawa County (our own county with Ohio’s highest unemployment rate at over 18%). God has blessed us despite all of these hardships, and we celebrate the growth and his goodness to us.

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