I finally finished uploading all of my General Conference photos to Flickr. Well, not ALL of them. I weeded out a good number of poor shots. But that still left 968. I divided them into 13 sets. Click on the link, and you can view any of the sets on Flickr. I did some minor processing (cropping and lightening) on nearly all of these photos.

Saturday, January 10
Saturday. Traveling to Honduras, the San Pedro Airport, the road trip to La Ceiba, getting checked in at the hotel, and eating at Pizza Hut.

Sunday, January 11
Sunday Morning. The morning breakfast and service.
Sunday Afternoon – Children. The opening of the service, with the children singing the various national anthems.
Sunday – Bethel Band. The band performing during the service.
Sunday – Singing. The congregation singing during the opening service.
Sunday – Pastors. The stationing of pastors.
Sunday – Miscellaneous. A variety of other shots from the Sunday afternoon service.

Monday, January 11
Monday Business. Monday morning and early afternoon.
Monday – Camp. Visiting the Honduras Conference campground.

Tuesday, January 12
Tuesday Business. Tuesday morning and afternoon.
Tuesday Night. The evening service.

Wednesday, January 13
Wednesday Business. Wednesday morning and afternoon.
Wednesday Night. The concluding service on Wednesday night, and praying with Oliam Richard.

Much progress has been made in renovating Mattru Hospital in Sierra Leone. After attending a meeting of the Mattru Hospital Medical Board, the United Nations representative was so impressed that she went back to Freetown and wrote a check for the balance of the renovations.

Some of the work that has been done:

  • The maternity ward has been renovated with a new roof, new ceiling, and new delivery rooms.
  • The laboratory has new shelving and new tile work.
  • The surgery room is renovated
  • Housing area for two Nigerian mid-wives has been completely renovated.
  • The Danke Koroma Foundation will completely renovate another building at their expense.
  • The nation’s First Lady has chosen to renovate the doctor’s residence.

The Kline family

David and Melissa Kline and children arrived back in the States after the long flight from Macau. They stopped in the Healthy Ministry Resources office briefly yesterday.

They’ll spend a week in Huntington, then head to Florida for a couple weeks of vacation. After that, they’ll be visiting a number of supporting churches and doing other traveling.

Jeff Bleijerveld, Director of Global Ministries, is currently attending Jamaica National Conference. He will speak during the Thursday night service on March 11. He’ll fly back to the States on Monday, March 15.

About 135 children in India are being sponsored through the Beautiful Family ministry. These are children whose parents (or they themselves) have leprosy or whose parents are HIV positive (or have died from AIDS). The sponsors include United Brethren individuals, churches, WMF groups, and Sunday school classes.

Global Ministries has information about seven more children who need sponsors.

$20 per month supplies one child with all school supplies, books, clothing, food, and medical needs. They stay in a “hostel” which is like a dorm, and only go home periodically for holidays. They are taught Bible stories, songs and Bible verses, so they are receiving a Christian religious background as well as their regular education through this support.
Contact Darlene in the Global Ministries Office for more information and a pledge sheet.

Toll-free: 888-622-3019, ext. 312
Email: darlene@ub.org

Instead of a week at the beach or at home relaxing during the March 15-19 spring break, Huntington University students have their eyes set on various service projects. They include:

  • Working with Habitat for Humanity in Benton Harbor, Mich.
  • Traveling to the Dominican Republican, just across the border from Haiti, to work in local schools and churches.
  • Partnering with Christian Service International in Jamaica to build new rooms in a children’s home and work alongside Jamaican Christians to address needs in the community of Highgate.

The Hillsdale UB church (Hillsdale, Mich.) brought the national Upwards Basketball/Cheerleading outreach ministry to Hillsdale County. About 150 elementary age children participated in the eight-week program on Saturdays.

An Awards night was held Saturday, March 5. Thirty children responded to the gospel invitation to receive Christ. New families have come into the church as a direct result of the Upwards ministry.

Naomi Taylor passed away March 4, 2010. She and her husband, Willis Taylor, who passed away in 1983, served in the United Brethren pastorate for ten years in the 1950s. Funeral services will be held today, March 8, in Carson City, Mich. Lux Funeral Homes has a link to her online obituary.

It’s always interesting to get outside perspectives on the United Brethren church. Here’s a blog post from the Church of God General Conference which makes envious reference to our Confession of Faith and other governing documents.