UBs Leaders Worldwide Head to Honduras

Honduras Conference started Wednesday, January 6, in La Ceiba, Honduras. This will be the first conference presided over by Rev. Juanita Chavez, who was elected superintendent of Honduras Conference in January 2009.

The conference will conclude on Sunday morning at the Bethel UB church in La Ceiba. Then, a service on Sunday night will kick-off the international General Conference.

Each national conferences can send two voting delegates–the highest leader in the conference, plus one other person. Here is our list, albeit incomplete, of delegates.

Rev. Brian Magnus, bishop of the United Brethren Church in Canada
Paul Plato, layperson and Missions Team Leader

Guatemala (applying as a new national conference)
Rev. Francisco Najera Ventura, superintendent
Rev. Rolando Valenzuela, pastor

Rev. Juanita Chavez, superintendent
One other delegate

Hong Kong
Rev. Ajiax Wo, superintendent
Karis Wong, pastor of Living Water church in Macau

Rev. Winston Smith, bishop
Rev. Isaac Nugent, pastor

Rev. Denis Casco, bishop
One other delegate

Rev. Juan Pavon Pavon, superintendent
Rev. Henry Osorio, pastor

Rev. Prudencio Lim, superintendent
Mr. Aaron Lim, layperson (son of Prudencio Lim)

Sierra Leone
Rev. Billy K. Simbo, bishop
Mrs. Theresa Musa, layperson

United States
Rev. Phil Whipple, bishop
Rev. Jeff Bleijerveld, Global Ministries director

Several invited guests (without vote) will also attend.

  • Donna Hollopeter, Associate Director of Global Ministries
  • Steve Dennie, Communications Director
  • Jeff Dice, Global Ministries staff (currently in Costa Rica doing language training)
  • Jason Hollopeter, Donna’s husband
  • Rev. Oliam Richard, superintendent of Haiti (our Canadian churches, who have primary oversight of Haiti, are working to get Rev. Oliam Richard to the meeting)
  • Rev. Erik Gonzalo Roas Ramirez, superintendent of Costa Rica, a mission district of Nicaragua Conference.
  • Mr. Carlos Quesada, a layperson in Costa Rica.

Brian Magnus, as chairman of the International Executive Committee, will preside over the General Conference meetings.

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