Dick Raab’s Battle with Cancer

Dick RaaabDick Raab, a retired United Brethren minister in Michigan, has been diagnosed with cancer and given 3-6 months to live. He learned that October 19 following a visit to the oncologist. Dick began radiation treatments on August 24 (which left him very sick), but a CT scan showed that the sarcoma tumors were growing despite the radiation.

Dick’s wife, Donelle, sent this note:

“The oncologist’s office is contacting hospice. This is tough news for the rest of us, but Dick will be enjoying great things beyond our imagination. Dick’s request for prayer is that he would be able to be a witness for his Lord, that he would maintain his sense of humor, and that he wouldn’t suffer too much pain. Hospice should help with the pain issue, but the rest is more up to him and God. Also, he’d love visits or phone calls.”

You can contact Dick by email at: donelleraab@yahoo.com.

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