Speaking to Money and Power

I know a church where people have strong opinions about what their church should be, but their opinion has no relation to what God says the church should be. They are people of power. And in the UB church–probably all churches–people with power tend to be people with money.

Nobody will say to them, “We’re going to build a church here, and we don’t need you or your money. We could use you and your money, but if you’re just going to be an obstinate person used by Satan to create problems–no, we don’t need you.”

I’ve had those conversations. It’s not easy, not something I relish. But it’s necessary.

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  • bkittle
    Posted at 09:38h, 14 August

    Boy, I’m glad to hear to reiterate that! I had one of those experiences in the past few months. I’ve had them before but this past one was the hardest I’ve ever had. I knew what I needed to do but I needed the help and encouragement of a few righteous men to strengthen me to do what I needed to do. And it paid off in many ways. Forst it paid off spiritually. The overall tone of the congregation changed for the good when I stood up to the challenger. In addition, it has paid off financially. There’s something about removing a powerplaying giver that allows others to step up to the plate and do things they never did before. I thank God for the challenge and the lesson!

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