Honduras Experiences a Military Coup

A UB medical team arrived back from a ten-day trip to Honduras on June 27, one day before Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was deposed in a military coup. The Honduran Congress has already appointed a new president. A nationwide curfew from 9 pm to 6 am is in effect for June 29-30, but the country seems to be at peace, at least in the immediate aftermath.

The coup happened on the same day that Hondurans were voting on a proposal which would enable President Manual Zelaya to seek re-election. The country’s Supreme Court had declared the referendum illegal.

The coup has been widely condemned, with statements to that effect coming from both the United States and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

From Kevin Lam of Mt. Olivet UB (Mt. Solon, Va.): “Five of our church members at Mount Olivet are from Honduras. After hearing the news of the government upheaval in Honduras this morning, they are very upset and concerned for the safety of their families back home. We ask for prayer for these 2 families as well as all of our brothers and sisters living in the midst of this turmoil.”

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