Prayer Needed for Hendricks Missionary Family

Troy and Julie Hendricks, UB endorsed missionaries in Spain, returned to the States after Troy’s father died unexpectedly on June 10. They were set to return to Spain today, June 24. But then serious medical problems arose with Troy’s mother, Susan, prompting them to cancel their return flight. Here is information sent out by Troy and Julie on Wednesday, June 23:

Sharon had not been feeling well for several days before Troy’s dad passed away unexpectedly. She continued to worsen and became quite jaundiced, and Sunday was admitted to the hospital for what we thought/hoped was gallstones. 

Yesterday morning the doctors did a procedure with a scope to try to move the stones, but found no stones. However, the (bile?) duct was 100% blocked by something. In the afternoon they did another procedure to insert a drainage tube in the liver, to drain the bile that had been backing up in her system.
They will be doing more tests to determine both what the blockage is, and exactly where it is located, but are concerned with it’s location near/on the liver. 

As you might imagine, so much has happened with Troy’s father’s unexpected death, and now with his mother’s illness in such a short time that I don’t think any of us are able to process the information. We are just doing what needs to be done at the moment.
We have cancelled our return flight to Spain that was scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday), and will determine a return date once we know more about what is actually going on with Troy’s mom.

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