Reports and Registrations

Every Monday and Thursday, we tally up the registrations and reports that have come in, and let you know. We post XLR8 registrations and report totals here, and post the XLR8 numbers on the US National Conference website.

As of yesterday, the end of the day, the XLR8 registrations looked like this:

  • 360 people registered.
  • 70 registered for the UB Historical Society Banquet (which promises to be very well attended).
  • 31 signed up for the Golf Outing.
  • 63 are children and teens.

The deadline for all reports is March 15, just a few days away. Here are the new totals:

  • 138 local church annual reports (out of about 200 churches). Any church not submitting the church report by March 15 will not be allowed representation at National Conference. Looks like we’ll have a few of those, unfortunately.
  • 121 referenda results.
  • 120 national conference covenants.
  • 115 notifications of local church delegates (just send Bishop Ramsey a note using the Contact link on the right).

All of these numbers were sent to the denominational email list yesterday afternoon. If you’re not on that list, you can join.

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