Update on the Reecks

Roger Reeck, UB endorsed missionary in Honduras, left Honduras a few days ago to attend the funeral of his oldest brother in Michigan. Both he and Marilyn will fly to Trinidad later today–Roger from Michigan, Marilyn from Honduras.

Here is some information from the latest newsletter from Roger and Marilyn Reeck, UB endorsed missionaries living in Honduras.

Now that we are moving in to consultant roles our Wycliffe leaders are asking us to travel to several places. Our last trip was to Mexico. On March 10 we leave for Trinidad/Tobago to help facilitate at a Storying Workshop for people from several Caribbean countries. Yvette from Belize will be joining us as a facilitator also.

After just a few weeks home Roger will travel to Mexico(to the Zapotec town that we used to live in ) and carry on a similar type of workshop. Then we travel to the US where we plan to spend a few weeks at churches in the midwest. At the moment the plan is for Roger to study to improve his Hebrew in Israel during June and July.

Next stop is Africa-Guinea Bissau where Marilyn will meet up with him there. Back home to Honduras in the fall but still be two more trips–to Belize and Brazil.

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