News from Baltimore

John Christopher, senior pastor of Brooklyn Park UB (Baltimore, Md.), sent this report:

It has been a long time coming but we can say, “The roof is going up!” We have finally come to the point of covering the addition. Now we can get the electric run and start setting up the basement.

Once we get everything set up, get ready for a day of celebration. We will be inviting a crowd for our Grand Opening and Dedication Program. Since the weather is getting better, we will pull out the grills and smokers and have a blast. We will be inviting some special people to provide special music that will help us praise the Lord for what he has helped us accomplish.

My heart is full of joy and my eyes are even now filled with tears just sharing this blessed news with all of you. Your prayers, donations, and encouragement through some of our tough times have helped made the expansion of this ministry possible. You helped us become a more effective ministry for some very needy children and teens. This will help us make a greater impact on our community.

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