Reports from Haiti

The United Brethren Church in Canada currently has a team in Haiti. Joan Sider, from the New Hope UB church in Toronto, has been filing daily reports, and they are quite interesting. Her first three reports (from last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) are on the UB News page.

We have about ten churches in Canada. Not too long ago, we were all very much integrated; they were part of the East District, and Bishop C. Ray Miller was their bishop, stopping through Ontario on his way from Michigan to Pennsylvania. But in the 1990s, the UB churches in Canada became the first United Brethren national conference. Lottiesider.jpgToday, we have nine national conferences.

The Canadians have taken a huge interest in Haiti, sending groups down there regularly. And Joan Sider has been part of most of those groups.

Joan Sider’s mother, Lottie Sider (right), was known as a great prayer warrior. Lottie passed away on January 20, at age 100 plus 15 days. Joan was the primary caregiver for her mother during the past few years.

A private burial was held shortly before Joan left for Haiti. A memorial service will be held February 7 at New Hope church at 11 a.m.

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