Sandie Birdsall Exits the ICU

Sandie Birdsall, who suffered a brain aneurysm on December 1, is now out of Intensive Care–though still in the hospital. The following is from Brent Birdsall’s Facebook post. Brent and Sandie served as UB missionaries in Africa, and Brent pastored both the Emmanuel and College Park UB churches in Indiana. He is now on staff with a church in Minnesota.

GREAT NEWS! At 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday, December 17, Sandie was released from ICU!!!! We are so grateful. Many indicators show that Sandie has come through the worst of her brain hemorrhage and its aftermath. The Interventional Neuroradiologist team who performed the initial emergency surgery on December 1 and the subsequent angiograms/interventions have released Sandie from their care. An appointment will be scheduled for June 2009 to check her aneurysm and the coiling procedure they performed in such a timely manner.

Prayer request: Sandie has been diagnosed with ICU psychosis. Check for an article explaining the ailment. In laymen’s terms, it means, “Get me out of this darn place!!!” Sandie’s symptoms were primarily anxiety, agitation, or some paranoia. The other day when talking about the nurses, she said to me in hushed tones, “I don’t trust them anymore.”

Hopefully, as Sandie moves to a quieter section of the hospital and is allowed more rest and less interruptions, her recovery will be more speedy. Let me say, lest you worry, I am nominating many of these ICU nurses for sainthood. They truly have been “angels of mercy” who lovingly, faithfully, and competently cared for Sandie as she was snatched from the brink of death.

I’ve been told that Sandie will forget most of what has happened these last 16 days. I will never forget and am deeply indebted to the staff of Fairview Southdale Hospital and to the first responders from the city of Apple Valley.
Sandie’s not out of the hospital, but this is a great leap forward. Oh, by the way, she did better with her swallow test. With a little more rest and study [ lame joke], maybe she’ll pass tomorrow.

Thanks again for your prayers and notes. They play a huge part in Sandie’s recovery. We’ll keep you posted from fifth floor. Adieu, Room 350, may we never meet again.

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