A Congregation, and a Home Makeover

kopp_danDan Kopp, senior pastor, NorthPointe Community Church
Dan Kopp, pastor of NorthPointe Community Church (Lewis Center, Ohio), writes about a tremendous way the congregation helped a single mother in the church the weekend of November 14-16.

We have a single mother who was basically deserted by her ex. She goes to work every day, is raising two beautiful boys in the church, and serves the Lord with passion and faithfulness.

In November, she went on a spiritual retreat. Her Home Group discovered that her trailer had many key flaws, including holes in the floor of the boys’ room. Literally, it was only old carpet covering some key areas, with air circulating below. Deterioration in the bathroom and elsewhere ate away the home’s heating and cooling.

The Spirit moved. While the mother was gone, God’s folks got to work.

They tore out the flooring and insulation. Quality carpet, tile, flooring, and cash was donated. A few people took an entire Friday off work, and some worked nearly around the clock.

The cleaning crews showed up by 3 p.m. Sunday for her evening return.  The tears and rejoicing upon her return were beyond describing, and God was greatly glorified.

Mom said,  “For the first time ever, the boys feel like they can invite over friends. They’ve never had a sleepover.”

A special blessing is that the driving force in this Makeover was a couple who’d experienced spiritual makeover in the Xtreme. Completely lost and unchurched, this couple–who have now seen their parents, sibling, and very close friends also come to Christ at NorthPointe–can be blamed for this amazing act of love.

We continue to rejoice that this past Sunday, four adults and four children (most of whom were reached in an outreach effort to the nearest government subsidized housing) let us know they desire to be baptized (or dedicated) as soon as possible!  PTL!

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