Steve Dennie, Communications Director
I bought one of the early Palm Pilots, back around 1997. I envisioned it being a good tool. But it didn’t fit the way I work. It became something cool that I showed people. Not something that made me more effective. For many people, a Palm Pilot is a great tool. For me, it became a toy.

A tool, on the other hand:

  • Will enhance your ministry.
  • Will solve a problem.
  • Can be cool and fun to show people, but that’s a bonus.

Steve Dennie, Communications Director
Every time your mouth waters over some new gadget or software or social media site, ask yourself, “Is it a tool or a toy?” That’s the question posed in the excellent book The Blogging Church, by Brian Bailey and Terry Storch.

Tech-savvy people (like me) love new technology and usually believe more technology can only bring good things. But toys can merely waste church money and consume the pastor’s (and volunteers’) time.

How can you tell if it’s a toy?

  • You use the word “cool” to describe it.
  • You spend more time playing with it than using it.
  • You want it because other people have it.
  • You love to show it to other people.
  • You hear, “We should get a….” You’d like to have it, but can’t articulate a compelling ministry need for it.

On September 28, Bob Staup celebrated 50 years in the pastorate. He started pastoring in 1958. He is currently pastor of Mt. Pleasant UB church in Angola, Ind. He previously served these churches:

  • Indiana: Union Chapel (Fort Wayne), South Scipio (Harlan), Hudson (Hudson), Corunna (Corunna).
  • Ohio: Nettle Lake and Mt. Pleasant.

The congregation held a surprise celebration for Bob and his wife, Joann. Writes Devon Strine, “The church was full with family and friends from the various churches he has served. Testimonies were shared from Bobs ministry and lives that were touched for God. There were specials, and cards in honor of his 50 yrs. It was a complete surprise to both Bob and his wife Joan seeing old friends from years past.”