Flooding in Honduras

Jeff Bleijerveld, Director of Global Ministries, and Donna Hollopeter, Associate Director, are in Honduras right now taking a tour of the churches. Or trying to. Heavy flood damage is preventing them from reaching various churches on their itinerary.

Honduras is experiencing heavy flooding. Jeff Bleijerveld and Donna Hollopeter are both in Honduras right now. They report a lot of flooding and major damage, making it impossible to get to some of the churches they had planned to visit.

Marilyn Reeck, one of our endorsed missionaries living in Honduras, sent this report:

“We have had several days of heavy rains, but since [Monday] it is even heavier.

“My daughter Chrysti called requesting prayer. The town where they live (one hour away) is located on the mouth of the river. The river has flooded, probrably the dam broke loose, and the town is flooded. Two people have already drowned. Her husband, Rigo, is helping rescue people and they have over 50 extra people in their house seeking shelter.

“This week is the 10th year anniversay of Hurricane Mitch. Roger is in Brazil and will return to Honduras on November 10. Please pray for this situation.”

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