Fennigs: Departure for Sierra Leone Nears


September 18–that’s when Randy and Toni Fennig hope to leave for Sierra Leone. Their support is in place, and they’re ready to go. Randy will teach at the Evangelical College of Theology just outside of Freetown and do agricultural development.

Randy stopped by the office Thursday with a big trailer he had custom built to fit in a shipping container (standard trailers, he learned, are a little too wide). Global Ministries relayed a couple dozen boxes of materials for Sierra Leone–medical supplies, nursing textbooks, used clothing, and more. It’ll all go the shipping container.

“Looks like we’ll get the container on September 3 or 4, pack it that weekend, and it’ll leave Portland, Ind., around September 8,” Randy said.

Randy grew up on a farm in Portland. A seed company there is providing warehouse space and a loading dock. A lot of stuff will go into that container–a tractor, farm equipment, a solar electric system, the new trailer, and a diesel-powered 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser.

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