As Hurricane Gustav Drenches Jamaica

Owen Gordon, President, Jamaica Bible College
With Hurricane Gustav rolling across Jamaica on its way to the Gulf of Mexico, Owen Gordon sent this note from Jamaica around 6 p.m. Friday, August 29.

Thank God! We are ok! The torrential rain has been falling unabated all day! The wind is very strong at times, and the electricity fluctuates (some places have no electricity since yesterday). Even as I write, the rain is pouring down heavily. There is no reception from the television. However, we are alive and for the most part dry inside. Thank you for your prayerful concerns.

The evening news reported seven persons dead and hundreds left homeless, roads have been damaged and many areas flooded, as Hurricane Gustav slowly mauls its way across the southern half of Jamaica. The entire country is being drenched with continuous rainfall.

Our plans for Orientation for College students scheduled for today has been set back. We have had to close down operations since yesterday. We are hoping to go ahead with plans for orientation for pre-college students on Monday. Our numbers have shown indication of increase, however, we can’t count students until they are fully registered and turn up for classes. We are looking at a high of 150 with a low of 130.

The full extent of local and national damage cannot be assessed until the rain stops, so there is going to be extensive damage. The cost will run in millions of dollars. We feel for the people of Cayman, Cuba, and the Gulf States as Hurricane Gustav strengthens and heads towards them.

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