Back to School for Bridger Fetters


L-r: Pat Jones, Ron Ramsey, Bridger Fetters, Jeff Bleijerveld.

A pizza buffet seemed like a good way to say goodbye to Bridger Fetters, the summer intern for Global Ministries. So the entire Healthy Ministry Resources staff headed to Pizza Hut for lunch. Bridger returned to Huntington University this week; he’s a senior English major.

Bridger helped out in a number of ways:

  • Contacting missionaries and doing other groundwork for next summer’s Global Ministries Homecoming (with as many of our missionaries as possible coming to the States at the same time).
  • Preparations for the Mission Team Leader Training events.
  • Various promotional materials.
  • Organizing hundreds of Global Ministries photos.
  • Designing Powerpoint presentations.

Bridger also participated in the China English Camp in July and August (as he did in 2007).

So we definitely got our money’s worth out of Bridger. It was great having him in the office, and we wish him well as he finishes his schooling. (Bridger is the oldest son of Luke and Audrey Fetters.)

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