The New Livingston Hall Opens This Friday

Huntington University will welcome new and returning students on Friday, August 22, for Move-In Day.

The first-time freshman class and the overall new student group, including freshmen and transfer students, are both expected to be 10 percent larger than previous record levels. The university anticipates that the new student group will break the 300 mark for the first time in Huntington’s history.

Also on Friday, Livingston Hall officially will open to students. The modern student residence is designed to house 150 undergraduates, primarily freshmen and sophomores. Construction began in the summer of 2007.

Move-In Day will kick off a three-day orientation weekend for new students, including the Huntington University Plunge, small group sessions and social activities. The plunge, sponsored by the university’s Joe Mertz Center for Volunteer Service, involves groups of new students as well as faculty and staff volunteering at various locations in the Huntington community.

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