Headed to the Olympics

Jen Blandin, UB missionary in Macau, reports that she’s going to Beijing to watch the Olympics, “a sports dream of mine.” She adds, “While I’m looking forward to attending the games, I’m also excited to share this experience with a couple of friends. I would appreciate your prayers for safety, deepened friendships, and to ‘go with the flow’ as there will be LOTS of people to wade through in order to get to the various venue sites!” 

In her monthly newsletter, Jen also told this story from a recent Sunday: 

“Before the service started, some new faces walked in. One of the faces looked familiar to me, but I could not place how I knew her. After the service, I started up a conversation with the new people, and come to find out, the familiar face used to be a student of mine when I taught in a local high school in Macau several years ago!

“After she graduated from high school, she attended college in the States, where she began her relationship with Jesus! It was encouraging to be reminded that while I might need to let go of some relationships and things, God had not, and does not, let go!”

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