Polly Dunten’s Surgery

Polly Dunten underwent surgery Monday morning to remove a brain tumor. Her husband Darwin, pastor of First UB in Findlay, Ohio, sent me this report this morning.

The surgery is over and the Lord answered our prayers.

The surgeon feels he got all of the tumor either through surgery or by burning it out. There is nerve damage and we will see to what extent in the next few days. She currently has numbness on her left side, However, I saw the most beautiful almost smile I ever saw this evening before I left her. The tumor was pressing hard on the brain stem.  It also “thinned” the nerve. Similar to an electric wire that looses its insulation.

Thank you so much for praying for us. God is good and I am so thankful He allowed me to have my wife for a little longer.

We heard from people from around the world and around the United States.  We are humbled. I have written a more indepth statement on Polly’s blog.

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