Stories of Life-Change

Our first consultation was in December 2006 at Banner of Christ church in Byron Center, Mich., in the greater Grand Rapids area. Pat Jones made monthly coaching visits for the next year.

During the past year, at least 40 conversions have occurred at Banner. Pastor Mike Caley tells about the banquet at the end of their Upward Basketball season:

“We had to hold the banquet at a neighboring United Methodist church, because over 700 people came. The altar was filled at the end of the evening. Quite honestly, we were unprepared for the response and frustrated that we couldn’t process those conversions the way we wanted to. But it was a great evening. We had grandparents walk forward to make decisions to trust Christ for the first time.”

Isn’t that great? What stories of life-change can you tell from your own church during the past year? I want to hear them. Write something in the comments.

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