Welcome to the New BishopBlog

I’m glad you made it to the new BishopBlog on the new HealthyMinistryResources.com
site. The BishopBlog will be the centerpiece of United Brethren communications.

We’ll talk about a wide range of issues here. This is also the place to learn what’s happening in other parts of the UB internet world. 

When I took office, I intended to create a “brand” for the national office in Huntington. It would do the following:

  • Provide an official name and logo for the office. In the past, we’ve always used generic names, like UB Headquarters, United Brethren Offices, or for the more sarcastic among us, “Mecca.”
  • Focus our purpose squarely on serving and resourcing our churches.
  • Emphasize that our only reason to exist is to help our churches thrive. Our churches don’t exist for the sake of the national office.
  • Change the perception of this building as a bureaucratic, top-down, hierarchical entity.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • We’re not changing (or de-emphasizing) the denomination’s name or logo. 
  • The Healthy Ministry Resources name and logo apply only to the national office. 
  • The UB.org is still the official website of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, USA.

Healthy Ministry Resources is focused on serving local churches. It’s why we exist. I pray that our heart for churches, and for fulfilling the Great Commission, comes through strong and clear.

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