Buried in Cans for Habitat


Anchor Community Church is working with nearby Grace Presbyterian church and several other Presbyterian churches in a Habitat for Humanity project. They have been raising funds for about a year, and are almost ready to start on the home.

todd_200.jpgThe most recent project involved collecting aluminum cans. The goal was to bury Todd German of Grace (right) in pop cans. The catch: Todd is 6’7″ tall. Everyone brought their pop cans to Grace on Sunday, April 13, to see if they could do it.

Members of Grace used pvc pipe and plasting netting to construct a seven-foot-tall pen. Todd put on his hunting boots, a rain poncho, and a football helmet, and in he went. Louise McCracken of Grace (and Todd’s mother-in-law), who is heading up the Habitat project, wrote:

“By the time he was covered up to his chest, we were out of cans…I thought. In came the channel 15 photographer, and my heart sank. Behind him, however, came many people from Anchor Community Church with many bags of cans. Plus, our pastor had held back her six or seven big bags. The cans were overflowing the top of the container, and Todd was completely out of sight! It was lovely!”

Todd, submerged in cans, used a piece of garden hose to breathe.
In the end, 28 huge bags of cans were hauled to Omni Source for recycling.

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