In the Army of the Lord

I’m just finishing the book Band of Brothers, by Stephen Ambrose, which Pat Jones told me about. It is about a group of soldiers in World War 2 who were led by Dick Winters, who was a tremendous leader. They were sent to the front lines, the first to go in, and they lost people. But they had a mission. They were a “band of brothers” because they had this mission. They weren’t a family–families don’t necessarily have a mission. But these were soldiers with a mission–to take an objective and win the war. I find that fascinating.

Isn’t that exactly what the Lord told us to do? We talk about being the family of God and get all gushy about it. But we are the army of the Lord. William Booth knew that; it’s why he called his organization the Salvation Army. If we had the same kind of desire to accomplish at all costs the mission that our leader has given us, I think our churches would look different. I would look different.

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