Report from Jamaica Annual Conference


The ordinations of Courtney Morgan (left, kneeling) and Addasa Morgan (far right). Bishop Ron Ramsey (second from left in the left-hand photo) participated in both ordinations.

Jamaica National Conference held its annual meeting over the past weekend. Bishop Ron Ramsay preached on Sunday morning, and over 75 persons responded to the call to offer themselves to evangelize. Former Jamaica superintendent Rev. Lloyd Spencer preached in the Sunday evening service, challenging people to give toward the support of church extension.

Other highlights of the conference included:

  • Bishop Winston Smith was re-elected as Bishop for another four years.
  • Pastor Barrington Johnson, a young pastor coming out of the Saint Johns Road church, was received into the conference.
  • Two persons were ordained: Courtney Morgan and Addasa Morgan (no relationship). Courtney, a graduate of Jamaica Bible College, came out of the ministry of the Washington Gardens UB church. Addasa Morgan is the first female to be ordained in Jamaica Conference. She is from the York Town UB church.
  • Rev. Isaac Nugent, Rev. Lebert Thompson, and Rev. Owen Gordon were elected as superintendents.
  • Twenty-two pastors were stationed among the 29 churches and preaching points, with several laypersons commissioned as workers in church extension.

Rev. Owen Gordon, president of Jamaica Bible College, writes, “It was a great Conference with someĀ 2000 people attending the Sunday worship.”

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