Updates from Coleta, Ill.

Here are some recent news items from Coleta UB in Coleta, Ill.

  • In early December, 24 youth and adults attended a Casting Crowns concert. Amazingly, though the tickets were purchased by three different people, each buying eight tickets, everyone got to sit together.
  • The church adopted a family through the county health department to bless for Christmas. they sent clothes, toys, food, and cash. Upon delivering the gifts, they learned that the family was in the midst of a tragedy, with the mother dying just days before Christmas.
  • The December 23 service was an “open mic” time, with several persons sharing poems, songs, stories, and scripture.
  • The church members are reading Change Your Church for Good, by Brad Powell, whom several members heard speak in May 2007 at the US National Conference.
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