HTV News Blooper Gets Attention

Tom Brodbeck, former Central Conference superintendent, alerted us to news about his son, Tom, a student at Huntington University. “My son is about to be famous! About a year ago, he had to fill in as the sports anchor for HTV (HU’s TV station). He hates being on camera, and was really nervous. His ‘friends’ kept his goof-ups and posted a blooper video on YouTube. Some website has picked it up and it is now nationally popular. He is being interviewed by a radio station in Alabama today. The video will be aired on Best D*** Sports Show (Fox Sports) next week. And another website has contacted him about doing a weekly sports video for them.”

The YouTube video has had about 40,000 hits since Christmas.

Here’s the direct link. There are other HTV news videos on YouTube, which you can find by putting “HTV News” in the search box.

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