Update on Jean Bell

It was reported on December 12 that Jean Bell, a UB endorsed missionary in Brazil serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators, was hospitalized with a serious blood disorder.

Donna Hollopeter, Acting Director of Global Ministries, sent this note: “I just received an email from Dave Spencer with an update on Jean. Until last evening, Jean had continued to be in the hospital and on dialysis. She is extremely weak but the doctors believe the antibiotics are working and that the blood disease/infection is getting much better.

“One of the doctors returned to the hospital last evening and decided to go against the recommendations of the other doctors by telling Jean she could go home. All of her other doctors had said she needed to have three straight days of normal test results–she only had one. The doctor last evening was satisfied with that and signed her out of the hospital. She is still requiring dialysis and has to be taken every other day for that.

“Wes has asked for prayer that Jean will continue to gain strength and that this unexpected discharge from the hospital was not premature.”

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