Update on Hurricane Damage in Jamaica

Rev. Winston Smith called the United Brethren Office today and gave a report of the situation in Jamaica after Hurricane Dean.
The Parsonage and Christian Education Building/Dorm in Yorktown received a lot of damage. Roofs are off, rafters gone or broken, and much water damage. Many homes in the area are also damaged. Pastor Smith said that it would be impossible for a group to stay there if they came to help with repairs. He suggested that funds to help rebuild and repair would be better at this time.
New Garden Church in the hills lost its roof. He estimates the cost for replacing the roof at $150,000 Jamaican dollars or roughly $2300 US. Many homes were lost or damaged, and many people from the church and community lost most of their possessions.
The power returned to Kingston this morning. However, there is no power or phone service (land or cell) in the outlying areas. He has been having difficulty getting an assessment of damage due to lack of communication or being able to get to areas.
A Conference Council meeting will be held on Monday, August 27, to get an assessment from the different areas. Pastor Smith would like the needs assessment sent to him today or tomorrow so he can distribute it and go over it with the Council. The fax is working at the office.
Winston is receiving reports that the town of Malvern was hit hard (the police station and another public building were completely destroyed). He has not heard, however, anything about the camp, church, or parsonage there.
Gary Dilley, Director of Global Ministries, told Pastor Smith that we would continue to pray for them and that we would keep in touch to learn of other needs.

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