Updates from Jennifer Blandin

Jennifer BlandinJennifer Blandin, UB missionary in Macau, sent these notes on June 17.

  • Living Stone Church hosted an ELP Sunday service the end of May. Besides our students being invited to come, people already attending Living Stone were encouraged to bring friends. About 50 people attended! Two women, who had been attending the follow-up sessions for chapel, and one man who is a Christian but hadn’t been to church in a while, came from the ELP Program! Plus, people from the church also brought friends and family!
  • During the past ELP term, the staff and students took many opportunities to interact outside of class time. It helped to develop closer relationships, and the difference has shown.
  • We held a final farewell party for Russ and Nellie Birdsall, who left last week. Over 60 people attended! One person I talked with thought only four or five people would come. : Sometimes we don’t realize the impact we are making until the goodbyes. But investing in people’s lives for Christ gives higher return than the Dow Jones could ever hope to!
  • On July 1-4, the local staff and missionaries held a four-day retreat to Thailand.
  • At the beginning of August, I will return to the States for my six-month furlough. My furlough was moved up a few months so I can attend fall classes and attend a few family events while I’m back. I have contacted some churches about speaking, but still have some empty time slots available, should you or your church like me to come and share about Macau and what goes on here. Also, while I’m in the States, I’ll need some reliable transportation. If anyone has a car available, please let me know.
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