Nation’s Youngest Mayor Comes to Hillsdale UB

michaelsessions.jpgHillsdale, Mich., has the nation’s only teenage mayor, which has earned him celebrity status. Mayor Michael Sessions (right) has appeared on Letterman, Good Morning America, etc. after winning election as a write-in candidate by two votes while still a high school senior. Now a 19-year-old freshman at Hillsdale College, Mayor Sessions accepted an invitation to the Dedication Service of the Ministry Office Center of the Hillsdale UB Church on Febuary 25. Bishop Ramsey was the keynote speaker before a congregation of over 300 who braved a winter storm despite the cancellation of services by several churches in Hillsdale County.
The Ministry Office Center was the result of a seven month renovation of the former parsonage next door to the church. Pastor Smith’s new office is his former bedroom. The garage was enlarged and serves as a beautiful new classroom. All the staff have relocated to various rooms of the former house and the basement serves as a conference room. 

On Friend Day, March 25, Mayor Sessions returned to Hillsdale UB. Over 200 people in the first service witnessed the baptism of nine people. Over 300 attended the second service, which was followed with a “Friendship” potluck meal.

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