Ron Ramsey Re-Elected as Bishop

Ron Ramsey was re-elected as bishop of the US National Conference during the business session on Friday morning, June 1. He was the only nominee placed before the conference.

When Bishop Ramsey was elected in 2005, the understanding was that he would serve a four-year term. However, the Constitution required that each National Conference elect a bishop, and since national conferences now meet every two years instead of every four years, it presented a temporary problem.

That particular item in the Constitution was removed through one of the five referenda this year, but since changes won’t take effect until August, it was still necessary to elect a bishop. And so, a ballot with just one name was presented, and Bishop Ramsey was chosen unanimously.

The delegates also approved a statement in the Discipline saying that the National Conference will elect a bishop to a four-year term. We will elect a bishop again in 2009, but after that, the next election will be in 2013.

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