New Executive Leadership Team Elected

Delegates to the US National Conference elected eight of the 12 members of the Executive Leadership Team. The ELT, the highest governing body between sessions of the National Conference, meets twice a year.

The delegates chose one layperson and one ordained minister from each of the four regions. Four of the persons chosen are new. The representatives from the East and North regions remain the same, but both persons elected from the Central and West regions are new–and in both cases, both the minister and layperson come from the same church. That’s just the way it worked out.

East Region

  • Todd Fetters (senior pastor of Devonshire Church, Harrisburg, Pa.).
  • Annette Sites (pastor’s wife, Jerusalem Chapel, Churchville, Va.).

Central Region

  • Marty Pennington (senior pastor, Mainstreet Church, Walbridge, Ohio).
  • Timothy Krugh (layperson, Mainstreet Church, Walbridge, Ohio).

North Region

  • Phil Whipple (senior pastor, Colwood Church, Caro, Mich.).
  • Dan Paternoster (layperson, Fowlerville UB, Fowlerville, Mich.).

West Region

  • Stan McCammon (senior pastor, Good Shepherd Church, Huntington, Ind.).
  • Cathy Reich (layperson, Good Shepherd Church, Huntington, Ind.).

Bishop Ramsey and the Executive Leadership Team will appoint four more persons to the ELT, one from each region (2 laypersons, 2 ministers). Bishop Ramsey is chairman of the ELT, but no other employees from the national office or denominational positions are voting members.

    Posted at 20:41h, 10 June

    Dear Conference Leaders,
    This was a great event and Bishop Ramsey, you did a fantastic “slam dunk!!” I pray that the UBC will respond. We had “Precious Memories” and a view of the “Back to the future” of what we can and should be as our members and the corporate Church find healing, health, vision, and a real burden to fulfill the Great Commision. It will happen when we are willing to allow God to do the “Extreme Makeover” that we need.
    Youth Minister Roger V. of CP Church and I believe a DVD or CD of Bishop Ramsey’s Messge should be in the hands of every pastor and possibly every leader in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. If possible the printed text of the message should be made available.
    With prayer & thanksgiving

    Posted at 11:07h, 12 June

    I read through the theme of the conference. The UBC conference is like losing her first love for Jesus Christ. The history of the United Brethren was amazing. Now the conference needs to have an extreme makeover. It is not late to makeover the evangelism drive for lost souls. The ministers of the Word should be above reproach and committed to God and man. Have passion for those born blind. Before the conference will makeover her evangelistic venture, there is a need for reaching out for Jesus Christ. The world is ripe for harvest. Let us retrain the ministers for the new challenge in the mission field.
    The theme for the conference is ideal one. “Extreme Makeover” now is the time UBC churches can makeover again. The new challenges in the mission field need a new strategy. The ministers of the Word should be above reproach and be committed to God and man. They should have compassion on those born blind.
    With the aspect of makeover should be wholistic in the sense that the ministers that on the makeover should be retrained to face the trend of world evangelization.

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