SFD #2

There was something that I wanted to say and just forgot, so here is a little add-on to yesterday’s SFD (Single Focused Determination) post.

What distracts us? I am sure we could develop quite a list. But after developing that list, most of the things would be good, decent things. Satan knows better than to try to distract most of us by suggesting something evil, bad, or unchristian. So he tries to get us so busy with so many good things that we do not focus on the best things.

Most of the distractions are good things, but developing a SFD upon that which is best helps us prioritize our day-to-day pressures and demands on our time. It seems to me that being able to identify from our to-do lists those items that are “best” is a sure way to live a life with SFD.
What do you think?

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  • Xtreme Team Member
    Posted at 20:30h, 21 April

    Thanks for the add on, I needed to hear that. I feel at times that I am doing OK because I’m doing good stuff. But like you said I’m being distracted from the best stuff. I like the way you said it. Thanks for the SFD blog as well. Very interesting about the ants and how that relates to us. Thanks for your leadership.

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