The Resources Behind the Covenant

Here is another question that has come to me.

What are we getting if we sign the National Church Covenant?
I have been a licensed minister in this denomination since 1964. There is nothing in the covenant that I did not agree to when I was licensed and then ordained. It is odd to me that some pastors want to object to signing, but they still want to keep their license. The covenant is not just a one-way street, from the church to Huntington. There also must be a path back to the church from Huntington.

I really do believe that the denominational office exists as a resource to the local church. We exist for you, not the other way around. We provide some services, such as:

  • In-depth weekend church assessments.
  • Mentoring/coaching of senior leaders, church elders, boards, and staff.
  • Helping pastors network.
  • Leadership development (i.e. seminars and conferences).
  • Pastoral placement services.
  • Church multiplication/church planting.
  • Counseling for pastors.
  • Full service bookstore.
  • Models of effective ministry.
  • Helping pastors network with other like-minded churches.
  • Helping churches and pastors partner with other churches in Global Ministry opportunities.

Those are some of the resources we provide to churches who choose to partner with us by entering into a covenant relationship. I am very committed to this office being a resource to the local church. Some churches may not feel as though they need us for anything, but by sending their 3.5% partnership fee (one item in the covenant), they help us work with churches that do have needs.

Most of the resources that we provide come with no cost attached. If you are participating by sending your 3.5%, our service to you is simply your “tax dollars at work.” The only resource for which there is a cost is the material you order from our bookstore.

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