Billy Simbo to Leave April 26

Gary Dilley, Director of Global Ministries, writes:

“Global Ministries set April 26 as the target date for Billy Simbo to leave for Sierra Leone and begin his role as the highest leader of our churches there. Billy is going as a United Brethren missionary and will serve for three years. He will work with 55 churches, many schools, the Mattru Hospital, and new church planting ventures.

“Billy will likely leave first. Mamei will finish dealing with some medical issues, and then will join her husband.

“We are at a critical time in Sierra Leone’s history, and believe, by faith, that God will raise up sufficient financial partners for their departure at that time. Their outgoing expenses have been funded, and they have partners for almost 50% of their monthly support. One-time gifts toward their monthly support are very helpful, as well.”

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