Why Come To National Conference?

I have been asked as we travel around why anyone should come to National Conference on May 31. What can we expect? What business will happen? Is it worth it?

Let me give you my answer. First, let me address what this isn’t. This isn’t a vacation with a purpose like Knoxville in 1988, where over 900 UBs came together. That’s not what we are expecting. While all who are interested in the future of the church may come, our expectation is that key leaders who are eligible as delegates from each church will come. That would mean a group of around 400 people, or around six times our previous number of delegates at National Conference.

Second, this isn’t going to be a meeting with a lot of Discipline revision business. Our goal is to do what is necessary for us to process the referendums voted on by the churches, choose Executive Leadership Team members, and handle any other business associated with those items. The normal reports will also be given. But that is about all the “normal” business we will do.

So why come? Come, because we need to reconnect in community around our common commitment to the Gospel. We will hear stories of how the Lord is doing something fresh in new churches, old churches, small churches, large churches, city churches, and country churches. We will celebrate new Christians and older saints with a renewed vision of ministry.

Come, because we will spend time hearing from Brad Powell about transitioning a very traditional church to one that is significantly impacting its world today. We will hear why speaking to the culture is a common need for healthy churches, new churches, and missionaries. We will be challenged as leaders as to our responsibility in sharing God’s heart to reach lost people. We will also renew our belief that the God who worked in the church in Acts is the same today, and the church of Acts 2 reflects how the church should function today.

Come, because we will acknowledge our past corporate failings while celebrating a forgiving God who never changes. There are some corporate cultures in some of our churches that need to change, sin that is tolerated, discord that is allowed. This will be a model of how to address it.

Come, because people who have faithfully carried out effective ministry will share with us in the workshops. There will also be opportunities for us to network and share ideas that are working in situations similar to ours.

Finally, come because you are vital to the future of your church. And we are committed as leaders to do whatever we can to help you grow and be successful in your ministry. We need you there.

See you at Sawmill Creek.

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