Book: Healing the Heart of Your Church

HealingtheHeart.jpgIn the last post I mentioned the idea of a corporate time of prayer and confession for sins of the past in our church. Well, I was directed to a great resource, a book by Dr. Kenneth Quick titled, Healing the Heart of Your Church. Some of you might be interested in reading it for the insights it could provide for your local church situation. The publisher is Church Smart. You could order it direct from them or you could order it from our bookstore here. It is worth the read and will give you some insights as to why I possibly began to think about such a time at the National Conference 2007.

Been gone a lot during the last of October and so far in November…but I did want to let you know about the book and in case I don’t “see” you before, have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. One of the things I will miss this year is the annual Thanksgiving Eve Communion and Baptism service we had each year at Main Street. Those were some of my favorite services of the year. EJ and I will most likely travel to Wheaton to visit our daughter and her family. Looking forward to that.

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