Prayer Team for National Conference

In preparing for the 2007 National Conference, it has been impressed on my mind that I need a core of people who would be willing to join me in prayer that God would meet with us in a mighty way during this conference. We can do good planning, but in the end we get just what man’s planning can do. But if we seriously seek the face of God, we will get what God can do.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like God to show up and put his fingerprints all over the planning and the conference itself. If you would be willing to join me in seriously praying for the conference, email me at and let me know how and when you will be joining me in prayer.

By the way, I have been thinking about sins of the past and how they affect the future. The thought has crossed my mind that some corporate sins, maybe from a long time ago, are affecting our ability to move forward as a church. In reading the General Conference minutes for the three or four quadrennial meetings after the 1889 division, there is evidence of great sin. Maybe that has happened in other times as well, where corporately by sinning we grieved God and some of what we face today is a consequence of unconfessed sins in the past. This is certainly true in an individual if they carry unconfessed sins. Has anyone else been thinking or ever thought about this? I would like to have some dialogue about the subject.

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