National Conference 2007

The National Conference 2007 dates are May 31 – June 3. The location, the Sawmill Creek Resort, is situated on beautiful Lake Erie near Huron, Ohio (one hour west of Cleveland). The conference will open with a Thursday evening session with Brad Powell, pastor of Northridge Church of Plymouth, Mich. He will be the speaker for both the Thursday and Friday evening sessions. The concluding session will be a worship and communion service on Sunday morning, June 3.

The primary focus of this conference, as I see it, will be to refocus our denomination and local churches on the main task. Somewhere, somehow, it seems to me that we got way off the path. Some churches are struggling to survive, some are fighting inconsequential battles within the body, and many have just lost focus of the primary mission. In my opinion, we desperately need this time of coming together as a denomination to refocus and recommit ourselves to the mission. Thus, business will be at a minimum. Revising the Discipline over and over hasn’t helped us in the past to stay focused, and it won’t now. Structure and rules are not our problem. Being dead-set focused on the mission is!

We will need every church to be represented by its delegates and pastors for this very important conference, which could be a “defining moment” for our church. Every UB church can send at least two delegates: the senior pastor, plus one layperson.

The cost is reasonable. Rooms are just $90 a night (plus tax). There will be slight a registration fee of $25 per person or $45 for a family. You can go online and view the Sawmill Creek web site. I’d encourage you to do it.

This will be a very different National Conference…you won’t want to miss it!

Challenging speakers. Inspiring worship. Seminars covering topics you can use by seminar leaders who are getting the job done. Times of relaxation and fun (including the UB Open held on the beautiful golf course, so get your teams lined up). All rolled into one three-and-a-half day period.
Looking forward to meeting you there!

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