Findlay, Ohio: Pumpkin Patch Party

Findlay UB's HalloweenThe city of Findlay, Ohio, recognized Halloween on Thursday, October 26. The First UB church of Findlay organized an outreach during that time. They provided games, face painting, cookies, and treats for the neighborhood children and called it the Pumpkin Patch Party. Each child received a bag containing a king-size candy bar, an evangelistic tract, and a church brochure. The children then proceeded to six more stations where they received even more treats. Over 200 neighborhood youth visited the church.

To attract more children, the youth group set up a station at a key intersection, where they gave out small candy and said, “Hey, there are huge candy bars down at that church.” Once they set up station, neighborhood people flocked to flock to the church. If the community didn’t know there was a church at the end of the street, they do now.

It was a success, because the church people got excited and got involved. The organizer, Jane Mathers, stated, “I heard so many good comments from the neighborhood people.” Darwin Dunten is the pastor of First UB.

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