UB Pastor Publishes Book on Daniel

Rev. Bob Conway, a retired United Brethren minister, has published a book called Decoding Daniel, a commentary on the book of Daniel. If you are interesting in obtaining a copy, you can order one for $15 (which includes tax and postage), from: Robert Conway, 597 Houser Road, Fayetteville, PA 17222.

After 17 years as pastor of the Orrstown (Pa.) UB church, Conway retired to write, speak, and teach. He has taught biblical studies to laypersons and pastors for continuing education units for the past ten years.

Bishop Ron Ramsey has granted him permission to continue teaching courses for credit. Some of the studies include:

1. Bible Prophecy.
2. Unsealing Revelation
3. Isaiah
4. Decoding Daniel
5. Probing the Parables
6. The Believer and the Law
7. The Life of Paul and His Teachings
8. The Life of Christ
9. The Passion Week of Christ
10. Biblical Theology.

Each course lasts ten hours, and is usually taught over five evenings or two days. For information, contact Rev. Conway at the above address.

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