A Record 825 People Attend Hillsdale UB

Lester Smith (right), senior pastor of Hillsdale UB church in Hillsdale, Mich., tells about Easter events at his church. “The Hillsdale UB Church presented the musical drama ‘More Than Just A Man’ in two of the three Easter weekend worship services. Total attendance was 825, which set an all-time record for Hillsdale UB. There was also a Sonrise Breakfast in between services sponsored by the teens, with donations going toward the expenses for their mission trip this summer.
“After breakfast, many from the congregation signed up at tables to participate in one of the small groups being held during the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign that begins April 30. Radio and newspaper ads are now being run to announce to the community the offer of a free copy of Rick Warren’s best-seller, if they sign up for one of over 40 home groups being hosted by HUB members.”

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