Easter at West Windsor UB

Sally Harrison reports on Holy Week observances at the West Windsor UB church in Dimondale, Mich.:
“We gave a the drama of ‘Living Last Supper,’ a one-act play in which the 12 disciples each speak their minds about Jesus’ words, ‘One of you will betray me.’ It is based on the Da Vinci Painting of the Last Supper. We had performances on Thursday and Friday nights. About 80 people came on Thursday, and the 140 people who came on Friday maxxed out our sanctuary, which usually holds just 110.
“We had a afterglow (party with snacks) after the performance on Friday, and most everyone stayed. Some were family and friends, but some were new people from the community that we want to invite to our church as future friends. Pastor Paul Wall (right) was the driving force in this production and Mrs. Deb Fish was the director.
“On Easter Sunday at 7 a.m., we held a sunrise service at the cemetery CRYPT in Dimondale. We sang songs and prayed, and Pastor Paul gave a short sermon. We then went back to the church for breakfast at 8:00 and at 11:00 we held our regular church service, with many new people joining us.”

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