Beckers Going to Macau for Three Years


Carlson and Naomi Becker will go to Macau this fall as fulltime missionaries with the English Language Program. They will stay for three years.

Carlson is the son of former Huntington College President Elmer Becker. Both he and Naomi graduated from HC. From 1964-1968, Carlson pastored the Union Church in Huntington. Then they went to Michigan to begin ten years as director and wife at Camp Living Waters, a UB camp, having worked with the YMCA and in camping during college and seminary.

In 1977, the Beckers moved back to Huntington after General Conference elected Carlson to be the Director of Stewardship. He worked at the UB Headquarters in Stewardship work for 12 years. Then, in 1989, he began four years as Associate Director of Missions. One daughter, Michelle, served as a missionary nurse in Sierra Leone.

Carlson left that position in 1993 and returned to the pastorateƑthe Northland UB church in Traverse City, Mich. He served that church for ten years.

Naomi taught school for ten years (grades 2 and 3), and substituted for three years. She has been on four short-term mission trips, and Carlson has been on five. They spent five months in Macau in the fall of 2002 serving as volunteers with the English Language Program. That experience is now leading them back to Macau. Let’s allow them to tell their story.

“We have both had a great interest in missions for many years. We would like to serve our Lord as long as we have good health. God seems to be impressing on our hearts that we should take this opportunity of service at this time. After serving for five months in Macau in 2002, we believe that we can adjust to the culture and challenge, and can make a difference in the lives of the people of Macau and the staff that is already there.

“After we returned from Macau, we were encouraged to learn that at least two of our students had accepted Christ and were getting involved in local churches. We continue corresponding with former students and praying for them and the work in Macau.

“We want to be used in any way that we can to assist the ministry in Macau. That will include teaching in the ELP, giving pastoral leadership to the team, helping with Bible studies, and working alongside nationals to start a new church on Taipa. This new church plans to begin services in February 2006.”

Global Ministries is excited about the Beckers’ service. We set September 6 as the target date for their departure. Through the spring and summer, Carlson and Naomi will look for churches, Sunday school classes, families, and individuals to invest in their ministry.

Please contact the Global Ministries office if you would like to know more about partnering with the Beckers.

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