Update from Macau

Jana reported on March 23:

  • “At our Macau Association Annual Meeting last weekend, we voted to move ahead with planting a church on Taipa by naming the center “Living Stone Church.” Our target date for the first worship service is February 26, 2006. It’s so exciting to get to this point in the process! I’ve been blessed by seeing God bring all the pieces together bit by bit.
  • “Three of the women who study in the English Language Program (Cheong, Joanne, and Ah Sihn) have invited me to join them on a trip to England. I’ll be going from April 2-12. Many of you have prayed for these women over the past few years as they’ve attended Bible studies and become close friends. None of them have made decisions to accept Christ yet. Pray that I’ll have a strong life testimony to them as we travel together, and that God will guide our conversations. (We tend to talk non-stop when we’re together.) Also thank God for blessing me with this opportunity. I think I’m spoiled rotten!
  • “Michael Chan is starting on submitting paperwork for registering the church on Taipa. Pray that this process will go smoothly, providing a good administrative base for the future church. Pray for wisdom for Michael in the decisions that come up along the way.”
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