Tsunami Report from India

Our couple in India sent a report on January 9 concerning the tsunami. “In India, the badly hit state is Tamil Nadu, which is the state south of our state. We live one and half miles from the coast, where one village was hit hard by the tsunami. Twenty houses were washed away and five people died. More than 5000 people were accommodated in the local schools and colleges in Narsapur immediately after it happened. They all returned to their villages within 48 hours. We offered medical care in our hospital.

“We have distributed saris, towels, and lunges (men’s clothing) to the fishermen community who have become Christians in the near by villages. Community health teams from our hospital are involved in helping the people in the villages. We are still in need of funds for blankets, sheets, and funds to help rebuild huts so they can start over again. These people are going through much grief. Showing the love and compassion of Christ is so important right now.

“We request that your gifts be sent to Global Ministries, 302 Lake Street, Huntington, IN 46750. Please mention that it is for tsunami relief.”

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